Sean Taylor Plays Louth Town Hall Live

16 Sep 2017

London based folk/blues musician Sean Taylor is a seasoned performer and recording artist of ten years standing, he has achieved a special maturity — stemming from experience, but also from the excitement in artistic freedom that experience can sometimes bring — with this new album ‘Flood & Burn’ being released February 2017.

Sean puts it like this: “I felt a freedom and confidence in writing the original songs, and in the making of this recording. And that’s exciting”. It sure comes across.

Recorded in Austin, Texas, by ace producer Mark Hallman, known for his work with Eliza Gilkyson and Tom Russell amongst others, Flood & Burn is big enough and confident enough to embrace a variety of genres, a range of feel and texture. And this is with such a rare ease, fluidity and mastery that it works completely towards being first and foremost, a great Sean Taylor album.

In the past Sean has achieved airplay on BBC Radio 2 from three programmes; Bob Harris Sunday, The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe and Paul Jones Blues Show.

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Event Date & Time

16 Sep 2017

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