How do I complain about Hermes UK?

How do I speak to a person at Hermes?

If you prefer to speak to someone directly about your issue you can ring Hermes on 0330 808 5456. You will need to follow the automated menu system (and you might need information from the parcel such as tracking).

How do I make a complaint to Hermes UK?

myHermes complaints contacts

  1. Visit Customer Services.
  2. Call Customer Services on 033 0333 6556.
  3. Visit Live Chat.
  4. Email Martijn deLange (Chief Executive Officer (CEO)) on
  5. Tweet myHermes Customer Services.

Is there an ombudsman for Hermes?

Hermes Business Solutions Ltd Complaints Ombudsman: See if We Can Help | Ombudsman Services. If your energy supplier has ceased trading, we’ll provide an update on your case as soon as Ofgem nominate a ‘Supplier of Last Resort’ to take over as your new supplier.

How do I speak to a human at Hermes 2020?

Reach customer service by calling 0330 808 5456.

Once you get to speak with a customer service representative, you may need to present your package’s tracking number and your Hermes account details to verify your identity. Customer service is available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (BST) Monday to Saturday.

What do I do if my Hermes parcel is not delivered?

If you’re still waiting on your parcel and it’s been with us for over 7 days, please let the sender know so that they can get in touch with us, and we can look into it.

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How do I complain about a Hermes delivery?


Give the company’s customer service representatives a call at 0330 333 6556 or send them an email at They will typically address the complaint within the same working day.

What is my Hermes HRM number?

If you are unsure of your order number then please go to the “My Account area”, log in and then click on the “My Orders” tab to find your HRM number. This number can also be found on your confirmation email.

Why is it impossible to contact Hermes?

The reason it’s so difficult to talk to anyone is because the company doesn’t want you to. It doesn’t give out its customer service helpdesk phone number, which we think is a bad way to conduct business, but the number you need is 0330 808 5456. This was working at the time of writing.