Is Lyons tea made in Ireland?

Where is Lyons made?

Today, Lyons tea is produced at a factory in Dublin. Over 2 billion pyramid tea bags have been produced at this factory. Lyons commercials are a familiar sight in Ireland.

Is Lyons Irish?

Lyons is a popular Irish surname and has a number of different origins in Ireland, England Scotland and France. Lyon is a common variation, as are Lane, Leon, Lion and Lyne. The name is also the origin of the first name Leo. In Ireland the name originated in Co Galway.

What tea is made in Ireland?

Irish tea brands, notably Barry’s, Bewley’s, Lyons and Robert Roberts in the Republic and Nambarrie’s and Thompson’s Punjana in Northern Ireland are heavily weighted towards Assam. It is one of the most popular blended teas, common in tea culture in Ireland.

Is Barrys tea made in Ireland?

Barry’s Tea is an Irish tea company founded in 1901 by James J. Barry in Cork. Until the 1960s, tea was sold from a shop in Prince’s Street, but thereafter the company expanded its wholesaling and distribution operations.

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Is Lyons Tea English or Irish?

Lyons is a brand of tea belonging to Unilever that is sold in Ireland. It is one of the two dominant tea brands in the market within the Republic of Ireland, along with Barry’s Tea. Lyons Tea was first produced by J.

Is Lyons Tea British?

Lyons Tea is synonymous with Ireland, and Irishness. According to Unilever – its parent company – “Lyons tea is the number one tea brand in Ireland and is a quintessentially Irish brand. “It has enjoyed generations of Irish families growing up with it and seeing it as synonymous with the notion of home.”

Where does the name Lyons come from in Ireland?

This surname derives from the Irish noble names of Ó Laighin and ‘Ó Liatháin. These Irish families are not related to the Norman noble family that originated in Normandy. However, confusingly, there are also descendants of the noble family, which had seats in County Offaly and County Westmeath, in Ireland.

What is the Irish name for Lyons?

Lyons in Irish is Liatháin.

What ethnicity is Lyons?

Scottish, English, French, and Dutch: habitational name from the city of Lyon in south central France (English name: Lyons), or from the smaller Lyons-la-Forêt in Eure, Normandy.

What is the number 1 tea in Ireland?

Barry’s Tea is the most popular tea in Ireland, and we sipped many a pot of this golden blend.

Is Lyons tea black tea?

Original Blend Lyons Tea, also formally called Lyons Green, is one of the most popular teas in Ireland today. This tea is made in Dublin, Ireland and is a powerful source of antioxidants.

This is the best tea ever!

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Clearance Non-Clearance
Flavor Traditional
Type Black Tea
Brand Lyons

Is Lyons Tea Organic?

LYONS Green tea 100% natural.

Where is Nambarrie tea made?

Nambarrie is Northern Ireland’s oldest tea company. Today, the company is owned by Twinings and is blended and produced in England.

Where does Ireland get its tea?

It sources 90 percent of its tea from East Africa and 10 percent from India, said spokesperson Camille O’Flanagan. “We work with some of the most reputable tea estates in every region.” There are some arguments as to why neither Barry’s Tea nor Lyons puts up a list of the exact tea gardens they source from.

Where are Barry’s tea bags made?


After significant investment in the redesign and development of our machinery, 100% of our black tea range, produced in Cork and available in shops are biodegradable.