Where has the best weather in Ireland?

Which part of Ireland has best weather?

For the warmest weather…

Valentia Island is the warmest spot in Ireland with an average annual temperature of 10.9 ºC. Nevertheless, it also experiences a lot of rain – almost twice as much as Dublin City annually in fact!

Where is the driest part of Ireland?

The lowest rainfall in Ireland in the past year was recorded at Drogheda, Co. Louth where total rainfall for 1913 reached just under 28 inches.

Where is the sunniest part of Ireland?

The sunny southeast dominated the list with Wexford, Waterford, and Carlow getting the most annual sunshine hours. Coming in next is Longford and Cavan, who both made an unexpected entry into the top 5.

What part of Ireland gets the least rain?

Dublin saw the least amount of rain at 704.1mm – slightly below the usual amount, and the capitals annual temperature rose by an average of 0.6C this year. However Mace Head in Galway was the driest place in Ireland.

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Where is the best place to live in Ireland?

Waterford city has claimed the title of Best Place to Live in Ireland 2021. The city, which was the unanimous choice of the judging panel beat off stiff competition from the four other shortlisted locations: Clonakilty, Co Cork; Galway city; Glaslough, Co Monaghan; and Killarney Co Kerry.

Where is the safest place to live in Ireland?

It shows that Roscommon and Longford are the safest places to live in Ireland while Mayo is the region with the lowest crime rate. Dublin is the country’s crime capital with a well-above-average number of offences per capita. It has the highest rates for robberies, theft, drug and fraud offences.

What is the coldest county in Ireland?

It was a month of record low temperatures and Sligo was the coldest place in Ireland. Markree, County Sligo recorded an air temperature of minus 7.6C on March 12 and a ground temperature of minus 13.7C. The temperatures were more in keeping with those in Russia and Iceland.

Where is the best place to live in southern Ireland?

Top 10 best places to live in Ireland, ranked

  1. Greystones, Co. Wicklow – your gateway to the capital.
  2. Galway city, Co. Galway – for bohemian charm. …
  3. Westport, Co. Mayo – in the shadow of Croagh Patrick. …
  4. Carlingford, Co. …
  5. Holywood, Co. …
  6. Ennis, Co. …
  7. Cork city, Co. …
  8. Killarney, Co. Kerry – reside in the Kingdom. …

Where is the hottest place in Ireland?

Meanwhile, Mount Dillon in Co Roscommon was the hottest spot in the country with a temperature of 25.1 degrees recorded. Not far behind were two Mayo locations with Furnace in Newport (24.9 degrees) and Claremorris (24.7) recording the next highest temperatures.

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What county in Ireland gets the most rain?

According to local weather statistics, Kerry was found to be by far the rainiest county in Ireland, with an annual rainfall of 61.5 inches. Residents in rural Kerry experience 56% more rain than the second rainiest county, which is Cork.

Where is the wettest place in Ireland?

The forecaster revealed that the Athenry is Galway is the place which experienced the most rain in 2019. In its 2019 Preliminary Climate Summary, Met Eireann revealed that Athenry was the wettest place after it experienced 120% of the regular annual rainfall in Ireland.