Who was the England manager during the 1982 World Cup finals?

Who was the manager when England won the World Cup?

George’s Park Sir Alf Ramsey Way to commemorate the former England manager and his achievements with the national team. Sir Alf Ramsey is the only England manager to date to successfully guide his team to victory in a World Cup, beating West Germany 4-2 after extra-time at Wembley Stadium on 30 July 1966.

Who were the England managers?


  • The full list of England managers, full-time and caretaker. …
  • Gareth Southgate (2016-2022), 70 Matches.
  • Sam Allardyce (2016), 1 Match.
  • Roy Hodgson (2012-2016), 56 Matches.
  • Stuart Pearce (2012), 1 Match.
  • Fabio Capello (2008-2011), 42 Matches.
  • Steve McClaren (2006-2007), 18 Matches.

Which England manager has the best record?

Fabio Capello has the best Win % record of England Managers with 18 or more games.

  • England’s Full International Results 1872-2021 by Managers.
  • England Manager Records Summary.

When was Alf Ramsey England manager?

Sir Alfred Ernest Ramsey (22 January 1920 – 28 April 1999) was an English football player and manager. As a player, he represented the England national team and captained the side, but he is best known for his time as England manager from 1963 to 1974, which included guiding them to victory in the 1966 FIFA World Cup.

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When did Glenn Hoddle manage England?

Glenn Hoddle

Personal information
1993–1996 Chelsea (player/manager)
1996–1999 England
2000–2001 Southampton
2001–2003 Tottenham Hotspur

Who was England manager in 1988?

Statistical summary

Manager Tenure D
Ron Greenwood 1977–1982 12
Bobby Robson 1982–1990 30
Graham Taylor 1990–1993 13
Terry Venables 1994–1996 11

Who became England manager after Terry Venables?

Hoddle was announced as the man to take over from Venables while Venables was still in the job and he demanded to meet the players three months before taking charge.

When was Sven Goran Eriksson England manager?

Sven-Göran Eriksson

Personal information
1989–1992 Benfica
1992–1997 Sampdoria
1997–2001 Lazio
2001–2006 England

Who is the longest serving football manager in England?

The longest serving English Premier League football manager is Sir Alex Ferguson (UK) who has managed Manchester United for all 21 seasons the league has been running, 1992/93 – 2012/13.

Who did Gareth Southgate manage before England?

Southgate was manager of Middlesbrough from June 2006 until October 2009. He also managed the England under-21 team from 2013 to 2016, before becoming the England national team manager in 2016, succeeding Sam Allardyce.

Who was the oldest England manager?

The Oldest Premier League Managers: Experience in the Dugout

  • Roy Hodgson (73y, 287d)
  • Bobby Robson (71y, 192d)
  • Alex Ferguson (71y, 139d)
  • Neil Warnock (70y, 162d)
  • Claudio Ranieri (70y, 93d)
  • Who Else?