You asked: What is the UK biggest import from China?

What does the UK get from China?

Total UK imports from China amounted to £68.5 billion in the four quarters to the end of Q3 2021 (an increase of 33.5% or £17.2 billion compared to the four quarters to the end of Q3 2020).

What do we import from China the most?

The top U.S. import commodities from China are fruits and vegetables (fresh/processed), snack food, spices, and tea – the combined which accounts for nearly one-half of the total U.S. agricultural imports from China.

What does the UK rely on China for?

China, the report states, has “cemented itself as the primary source of disaster relief equipment in the UK import market”, with the country now responsible for 26 per cent of Britain’s imports of such items – amounting to some £12.26 billion – up from 7.7 per cent in 2019.

How much does UK rely on China?

China accounted for 4.4% of UK exports and 6.8% of all UK imports. China was the UK’s sixth largest export market and fourth largest source of imports.

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What is UK’s biggest import?

In 2021, the United Kingdom imported almost 157 billion British pounds worth of machinery and transport equipment goods, the most of any commodity in this year.

Does Britain trade with China?

According to the China British Business Council (CBBC), the past decade has seen success for British exports to China, which have more than tripled to over £30bn, making China the UK’s third largest trading partner.

What food does UK import from China?

Other UK Food and Drink Import Facts

Country Category Item
Chile Fruit and Vegetables Grapes
China Meat Fish (frozen)
Colombia Fruit and Vegetables Bananas and plantains
Comoros Ingredients Herbs and spices

Who are the UK’s biggest trading partners?

Looking at individual countries, the US is the UK’s largest trading partner. The UK exported £126 billion of goods and services to the US in 2020, 21% of all exports. This was just over two and a half times the value of UK exports to Germany, the UK’s second largest export market (£49 billion).

Who is China biggest trading partner?

List of largest trading partners of China

Rank Country / Territory China exports
1 United States 429.7
2 European Union 375.1
ASEAN 277.9
3 Japan 137.2

What is China’s biggest export?

List of exports of China

# Product Value
1 Computers 210.231
2 Broadcasting equipment 110.979
3 Telephones 91.759
4 Office Machine Parts 47.079

What foods do we get from China?

Here are 10 commonly used foods that are made in China – but they don’t have to be.

  • Tilapia: Tilapia is commonly fish-farmed in China. …
  • Cod Fish: Cod is another type of fish that is fish farmed in China. …
  • Chinese Apple Juice: …
  • Processed Mushrooms: …
  • Chinese Garlic: …
  • Chicken: …
  • Plastic Rice: …
  • Mud (Sold As Black Pepper):
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What is England’s biggest export?

The following is a list of the exports of the United Kingdom.

# Product Value (in millions of USD)
1 Cars 38,574
2 Gas turbines 26,385
3 Crude petroleum 23,673
4 Gold 23,316