Frequent question: How many episodes are in This is England 88?

How many episodes in This Is England 86?

It is also a sequel to the 2010 television sequel-series This Is England ’86, set two and a half years later and starring as previously Thomas Turgoose as Shaun, Vicky McClure as Lol and Joe Gilgun as Woody.

This Is England ’88
Genre Drama
Written by Shane Meadows Jack Thorne
Directed by Shane Meadows

Is This Is England 90 the last one?

Great news for fans of the show.

Since then, there has been three TV sequels: This is England ’86, This Is England ’88, and This Is England ’90. And fans of the the series will be happy to hear th we can now add This Is England: ’92 to the list, which is officially in the works.

How old is Woody in This Is England?

In 1983, 19 year old Woody meets Shaun, a boy who is going home after a fight with Harvey from school.

How does This Is England 86 end?

The episode ends with Combo arriving in prison, after being charged with manslaughter. Most of the cast sit in the pub watching the England v Argentina World Cup game, which England goes on to lose, due to Maradona’s infamous “Hand of God” and famous Goal of the Century.

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Was Combo killed in This Is England?

After turning his life around, Combo met a brutal end in the final episode of this Is England 90, yet Stephen says the show’s creator teased him by hinting the character could return.

Where was This Is England 88 filmed?

Production. Much of the film was shot in residential areas of Nottingham, including St Ann’s, Lenton, and The Meadows, with one section featuring abandoned houses at RAF Newton, a former airbase close to Bingham, Nottinghamshire.

What did LOLS dad do This Is England?

Mick loses his temper and forcibly tries to rape Lol, but Lol fights back by striking him in the head with the hammer numerous times, stunning him. Lol then swings one final blow to Mick’s head, killing him instantly.

Did Milky get LOL pregnant?

He then subsequently ends the affair after feeling guilty when Woody cries to him after the football fight with Flip and the gang. Not shown in 1987, Lol fell pregnant, and when the baby was discovered to be Milky’s he agreed to leave town for the good of everyone.

Why did Woody and Lol break up?

In 1986, they are ready to be married, but this is halted due to Woody’s reluctance and Meggy suffering a heart attack in the toilets of their wedding venue.

Who plays Faye in This Is England 88?

This Is England ’88 (TV Mini Series 2011) – Charlotte Tyree as Fay – IMDb.

Will there be a This Is England 2000?

Now, creator Shane Meadows has admitted that he has an idea for a fourth series, this time set in 2000, while being interviewed by Milky actor Andrew Shim on YouTube. “I don’t know when but I’ve got This Is England ’00 in my head, the millennium one, because I sort of thought it would be nice,” he said.

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Who kills Combo?

Ortega explained the Combo had associated with the “wrong crowd,” which ultimately led to his death at the hands of a rival drug gang. Jesse later learned that Combo was killed by Tomás Cantillo, Andrea Cantillo’s 11-year-old brother, as part of an initiation into a gang working for Gustavo Fring.

How old is Kelly in This Is England?

Cresswell’s first role came in 2006 playing Kelly Jenkins in the film This Is England when she was just sixteen years old.