Question: What does Squidgy mean in UK?

What is the meaning Squidgy?

Definition of squidgy

: unpleasantly damp : clammy fishermen in squidgy rubber boots— Mary H. Vorse in the steamy atmosphere my skin had grown squidgy as a toad’s— Francis Kingdon-Ward.

What does wasteman mean in England?

New Word Suggestion. A man who acts like a boy, lacking maturity, and gererally wastes his time and life by doing everything to achieve nothing. This is and has been for many years now a term used by innercity teenagers in the uk and globally.

What does Winker mean in UK?

winker in British English

1. a person or thing that winks. 2. US and Canadian slang, English dialect. an eye, eyelash, or eyelid.

What does Dicky mean in UK?

mainly British. an informal name for a donkey, esp a male one. 5. Also called: dickybird, dickeybird. a child’s word for a bird, esp a small one.

What does a slippery person mean?

adjective. You can describe someone as slippery if you think that they are dishonest in a clever way and cannot be trusted. [disapproval] He is a slippery customer, and should be carefully watched.

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What does with a squiggly mean?

1 : squirm, wriggle squiggling in her seat. 2 : to write or paint hastily : scribble. transitive verb.

What is a female Roadman called?

B – Bird. Although it’s slightly controversial, ‘bird’ is a really common way to describe women in roadman slang.

What is a Roadman in the UK?

1. a labourer who repairs roads. 2. British slang. a young and gregarious member of a street gang, often involved in selling drugs.

What does innit mean in British?

‘Innit? ‘ is a contraction of the tag question ‘Isn’t it? ‘ and people use it to prompt a response from the listener. So if someone says ‘Nice weather, innit? ‘, they are expecting you to agree and say ‘Yes’.

What does little winker mean?

winker. / (ˈwɪŋkə) / noun. a person or thing that winks. US and Canadian slang, English dialect an eye, eyelash, or eyelid.

What does incarcerated mean?

Definition of incarcerated

1 : confined in a jail or prison Michigan law allows convicted felons to vote and run for office unless they are currently incarcerated, or if their offenses are fraud-related or constitute a breach of public trust.

What is a winker on a car?

An automotive winker device comprises a light source accommodated in a light source chamber defined in a cover case of a door mirror or a side view mirror. Light transmission holes with transparent plates are provided in the light source chamber to project light rearwardly and sideways of the vehicle.

Why do Dickies exist?

Like the detachable shirt collar, the dickey (a bosom-front for a dress shirt) was invented as a separate accessory for the shirt, which thus could be washed, starched, and pressed more readily than could be laundered if the dickey were an integral part of the shirt.

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What is a Dickie heart?

weak, especially in health, and likely to fail or suffer from problems: Grandad’s got a dicky heart.

Is dicky bird a bird?

A dicky bird was a generic term for any little bird, such as a sparrow or chickadee, that was common in England in the 1700s. Dicky bird came to be slang for word due to the common Cockney practice of replacing one word with another rhyming word.