Frequent question: Where can I go in London for a day?

What should I do if I have one day in London?

Here’s a taste of what to expect in this handy one-day London itinerary:

  1. Breakfast in Soho.
  2. Stroll through Green Park.
  3. Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.
  4. Big Ben and Houses of Parliament.
  5. London Eye.
  6. Lunch on the South Bank.
  7. Sightseeing from The Shard.
  8. Tower Bridge and the HMS Belfast.

Can I go to London for one day?

You can tackle a day in London, seeing many of the city’s biggest sights without breaking a sweat… if you just know how. Sure, you could run around in a blind panic, trying to see everything in different parts of the city, visiting all the museums, stuffing in as much as possible. But (there’s always a but).

How can I spend a few hours in London?

19 Things to See If You Only Have a Few Hours in London

  1. 01 of 19. Tour Westminster Abbey. …
  2. 02 of 19. Watch the Changing of the Guard. …
  3. 03 of 19. Explore the Churchill War Rooms. …
  4. 04 of 19. Sneak a Peek at 10 Downing Street. …
  5. 05 of 19. Climb the Trafalgar Square Lions. …
  6. 06 of 19. Shop Covent Garden Market. …
  7. 07 of 19. …
  8. 08 of 19.
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How do you see the most of London in one day?

Best Way to See London in a Day

  1. Start your day in Trafalgar Square.
  2. Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.
  3. The London Eye with Westminster Bridge.
  4. The Millenium Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral.
  5. Beefeater Guards outside the Tower of London.

What is Piccadilly Circus famous for?

Piccadilly Circus has to be the most famous road intersections in the world. It’s iconic for several reasons – the unique architecture surrounding it, the iconic advertisements that adorn the buildings, the statue of Eros in the middle. It’s a place that’s known all over the world.

Can you do a day trip from Paris to London?

The high-speed railway is what truly makes a day trip between Paris and London plausible. The Eurostar departs multiple times a day from Paris’ Nord Station. In just under 2 hours and 30 minutes you’ll be in London’s St Pancras Station, right in the heart of the city.

How can I spend my afternoon in London?

Afternoon: go sightseeing around London

  1. Take snaps at London’s best selfie spots, including Tower Bridge, The Shard and Buckingham Palace.
  2. Embark on London’s River Bus, Uber Boat by Thames Clippers, for a cheap river tour and unparalleled views of the capital.

Is Stonehenge close to London?

Stonehenge is located in the English county of Wiltshire, about 90 miles (145km) west of London. You can travel there in around two hours by road, or an hour and a half by train (followed by a bus from Salisbury station to the Stonehenge site).

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How long is winter wonderland on for?

The ultimate Christmas destination in London

Located in the heart of London in Hyde Park, immerse yourself in all things festive for 6 weeks from November to January.

Where can I go in London for 2 hours?

5 Fabulous UK Destinations Within 2 Hours Drive of London

  • Oxford. Best for: An academic haven. Distance: 52 miles (83 km) …
  • Kent. Best for: Incredible architecture. …
  • The New Forest. Best for: Peace, tranquillity and ponies. …
  • Stratford upon Avon. Best for: Terrific Tudor buildings. …
  • Brighton. Best for: A fabulous seaside party.

How can I see London by car?

Sightseeing London By Car: 8 Things To See (Route Map)

  1. Big Ben and the House of Parliament.
  2. Westminster Abbey.
  3. Buckingham Palace.
  4. Hyde Park.
  5. The British Museum.
  6. Covent Garden.
  7. Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.
  8. The Tower of London and the Tower Bridge.

What can I do in London for 6 hours?

London Stopover Guide: What To Do For 6 Hours In The City

  • Grab a coffee in an old Grave robbers guard-house! …
  • See a local London glassblowers (45 Minutes)
  • Appreciate art at the Tate Modern (90 minutes)
  • Gorge at Borough Market (45 minutes)
  • Walk the Thames (30 minutes)
  • Enjoy a boat tour of London (60 Minutes)

What is the best way to see London attractions?

Here are a few top tips on sightseeing in London – the smart way.

  1. See London from the river. …
  2. Everything is closer than you think. …
  3. You see more from a bus than a Tube. …
  4. Self-guided walking tours cost nothing. …
  5. Comfy shoes and an Oyster card are essential. …
  6. Sightseeing at night is fun. …
  7. Get a different perspective from up high.
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How many days should I stay in London?

If you are visiting for the first time, we recommend spending at least 3-4 days in London. This will allow you to see the main landmarks and visit a few tourist attractions. If you also plan to take day trips and see some of the UK from London, then plan to stay for at least a week.