How long would it take to drive from London to Brighton?

How long is a drive from London to Brighton?

The direct drive from London to Brighton is 53.4 mi (86 km), and should have a drive time of 1 hr 31 mins in normal traffic.

How long is Brighton from London?

To make life easier for you we’ve got the 6 best ways to get from London to Brighton with distance and times: train (1 hour, 47 miles), coach (1 hour, 44 miles), taxi (2 hours, 53.5 miles), rental car (2 hours, 53.5 miles), bike (5.5 hours, 59.1 miles) and walking (17 hours, 51.1 miles).

How far is Brighton from London by plane?

Distance from London to Brighton

The shortest distance (air line) between London and Brighton is 47.02 mi (75.66 km).

Which motorway is Brighton?

M23 motorway

South end Pease Pottage
Counties Surrey, West Sussex
Primary destinations London Croydon Gatwick Airport Crawley Brighton
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Is Brighton worth visiting?

Not only do we say, yes, it’s worth visiting Brighton but this is why Brighton is worth visiting: there’s the beach, the beautiful walks, the Royal Pavilion, Brighton Pier, Hove, amazing nightlife, the tastiest food, a rocking art scene, plenty of live events, great shopping, the i360, the lanes and the oldest airport …

How long is the train journey from London to Brighton?

How long does the train from London to Brighton take? The average journey time by train between London and Brighton is 1 hour and 22 minutes, with around 422 trains per day.

Is Brighton further than London?

Brighton (/ˈbraɪtən/) is a seaside resort and one of the two main areas of the City of Brighton and Hove. Located on the south coast of England, in the county of East Sussex, it is 47 miles (76 km) south of London.

Is Brighton a good place to live?

Brighton – a top choice for people of all ages

With so much to offer, it isn’t too surprising that Brighton was rated as the happiest place to live in the UK in 2019. Thanks to its low crime rate, its fantastic work/life balance and its cultural vibrancy, its popularity isn’t likely to wane any time soon.

How do I get to Brighton from UK?

Travelling by train is often the fastest way to get to Brighton from other UK destinations. It’s also a greener option than driving or flying. Getting to Brighton & Hove is easy. It’s just under an hour by rail from London and only half an hour from London Gatwick Airport.

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How long is it from London to Bournemouth?

It takes an average of 2h 19m to travel from London to Bournemouth by train, over a distance of around 93 miles (149 km).

London to Bournemouth by train.

Journey time From 1h 44m
Distance 93 miles (149 km)
Frequency 40 trains per day
First train 04:01
Last train 23:35

What is the route of the London to Brighton bike ride?

Once we are out of London we predominantly cycle along quiet country lanes passing through Mitcham, Carshalton, Chipstead, Banstead and Haywards Heath before taking on the challenge that is Ditchling Beacon – a mile long climb to the top of the South Downs where you will be rewarded with amazing views and a water break …

How far is Brighton from Liverpool?

How far is it from Liverpool to Brighton? The distance between Liverpool and Brighton is 216 miles. The road distance is 271.9 miles.

How much does it cost to drive from London to Brighton?

The total cost of driving from Brighton, United Kingdom to London, United Kingdom (one-way) is $20.81 at current gas prices. The round trip cost would be $41.61 to go from Brighton, United Kingdom to London, United Kingdom and back to Brighton, United Kingdom again.

How far is Brighton from London by coach?

No booking fees

London to Brighton journey information
Distance (approx) 104km
No. of stops 4 (fastest service, other services may vary)
First journey daily 7.30am
Last journey daily 9:30pm

What is in between Brighton and London?

The city at the geographic halfway point from London, United Kingdom to Brighton, United Kingdom is Crawley, United Kingdom.

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