Question: Can I buy a car in UK and bring to Ireland?

Is it worth importing a car from UK to Ireland?

Is it worth importing a car from the UK? Importing cars from the UK to Ireland can be valuable, even lucrative, provided you understand all the costs up front. Prior to Brexit you just needed to account for VRT. Now you also need to account from Customs Duty and VAT .

How much is import tax on a car from UK to Ireland?

According to Revenue, those importing vehicles from Britain are required to complete a customs declaration; pay or account for customs duty of 10% if applicable; and pay VAT at 21% prior to presenting the vehicle for registration. VRT is also payable on such vehicles.

How much is VRT on a car from UK to Ireland?

The VRT is generally 13.3% of the OMSP and the minimum due is €125. However, some N1 vans are charged a charge of €200 if they: always had less than four seats.

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Can I buy a car in England and bring to Northern Ireland?

If you are a UK resident you can move your vehicle freely between Great Britain and Northern Ireland if all of the following apply: it’s registered in either country. you’re not moving it to sell it, or for any other commercial purpose (for example, using the car as a taxi or hiring it to someone)

How long can you drive a UK reg car in Ireland?

How long can I drive in Ireland on UK plates? Vehicles from the UK can be temporarily driven in Ireland for up to 12 months.

Can you insure a UK reg car in Ireland?

Many insurance companies will readily insure an Irish driver at an Irish address on a UK-registered car, as this enables them to collect and transport the car from the UK or Northern Ireland, but in many instances the policies continue to cover these vehicles for extended periods of time.

Is a UK MOT valid in Ireland?

Put simply, if a UK car has MOT that is ‘in date’ your car qualifies for an Irish NCT for the remainder of the MOT. We can assist in the exchange process from MOT to NCT, free of charge.

How can I avoid paying VRT in Ireland?

You still need to register your vehicle, but the registration may be exempt from VRT.

To qualify, you must prove you:

  1. have had normal residence abroad.
  2. and.
  3. are taking up normal residence in the State.

How much is customs from UK to Ireland?

The customs duty of 12% will apply to different bands as the value increases. So an item valued at €167 will face customs duty as follows,12% of €97+12% of €40+ 12% of €15 which is €20.04. Those rates could change and are dependent on what is contained in any possible Free Trade Agreement.

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How do I import a car from UK to Ireland?

If you import a vehicle from Great Britain, you must make a customs declaration. You may have to pay customs duty: If the vehicle’s country of origin is the UK, you do not have to pay a customs duty if it is a new vehicle. Customs charges apply to all used vehicles imported from Great Britain.

Why is VRT so high in Ireland?

Vehicle Registration Tax, or VRT, is a throwback to an Ireland that existed outside the EU, when protectionist tariffs were imposed on imports to try and give a boost to home-grown industries. It’s why Ford was such a successful brand in Ireland for so many years, as it had its factory in Cork from 1917 to 1984.

How do I register my car in Ireland?

In all other cases, you must register your vehicle at a National Car Testing Service centre (NCTS). At the NCTS centre the vehicle will be inspected and the tax payable calculated by the operator. After you have paid the relevant tax due, a registration number will be issued to you.

Is it cheaper to buy a car in England than Northern Ireland?

Travelling to Northern Ireland is likely to only cost you at most a tank of fuel and maybe a meal, but going to Britain for your car can get expensive and quickly. Britain is a bigger market than Northern Ireland so there is more potential value to be had and it may be worth the added journey.

Is it cheaper to buy a car in Ireland or UK?

Generally buying new cars in the UK is cheaper which is why a lot of Irish people in the Republic buy in the Britain (or up North) and import them to the Republic. However, your car has to be in your own name for 6 months or more to avoid paying VRT when you import it to Ireland.

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Can you MOT a UK car in Northern Ireland?

An official MOT vehicle test certificate issued within the United Kingdom is valid in Northern Ireland.