Question: How do the British pronounce Wednesday?

Do you pronounce the D in Wednesday UK?

Yes, Suke is correct, the “d” is pronounced in my part of England (around Newcastle-upon-Tyne). This area uses many dialectal features, in terms of both pronunciation and vocabulary, that many people would regard as purely “Scottish”.

Is D silent in Wednesday?

This new Julian calendar, which divided the year into 365 days and twelve months, is the foundation of our current Gregorian calendar. Most Americans don’t pronounce the d in Wednesday. But just because you can’t hear it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

How do the British say Saturday?

Traditional IPA: ˈsætədeɪ 3 syllables: “SAT” + “uh” + “day”

Why do we pronounce Wednesday?

Pronounce “Wednesday” as a combination of the two single-syllable words “when’s + day.” That ‘d’ comes from when the day was known as “Woden’s Day” back in the days of old English.

How do British say Tuesday?

In other words, the British pronounce “Tuesday” as TYOOZday ( tj u:zdeɪ) or CHOOZday (tʃu:zdeɪ), while the Americans opt for TOOZday (tu:zdeɪ).

How do the British say Friday?

2 syllables: “FRY” + “day”

Is it Wednesday’s or Wednesdays?

1. Wednesday’s is incorrect. It should be the simple plural Wednesdays. In contrast, “Wednesday’s class has been canceled” would be correct because it would be the class of Wednesday–Wednesday’s class.

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Why is there a letter D in Wednesday?

Wodan and Mercury, although quite different, were both linked to the day of the week we know as Wednesday. As Wōdnesdæg moved from Old English to Middle English, its spelling changed. It became “Wednesdei” and the “d” remained, even as the word morphed into “Wednesday.”

Is the R in February silent?

While “Feb-RU-ary” is still considered the standard pronunciation, most dictionaries recognize the pronunciation of February without the first “r” (“Feb-U-ary”) as an acceptable variant.

How do the British say Sunday?

2 syllables: “SUN” + “day”