What is the best state school in Scotland?

Which is the best school in Scotland?

What are the best primary schools in Scotland?

  • Symington Primary School (South Ayreshire)
  • St Mary’s Primary School – Cleland (North Lanarkshire)
  • Ravenswood Primary School (North Lanarkshire)
  • Hill of Beath Primary School (Fife)
  • Boghall Primary School (West Lothian)
  • St Joseph’s Primary School (Whitburn- West Lothian)

What are the best primary schools in Scotland?

Scotland’s top 10 primary schools

  • St Bernadette’s Primary School (NL)
  • St Andrew’s Primary School (NL)
  • St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Primary School (EDI)
  • Prestonfield Primary School (EDI)
  • Symington Primary School (SA)
  • St Mary’s Primary School – Cleland (NL)
  • Ravenswood Primary School (NL)
  • Hill of Beath Primary School (FIF)

What is the most popular school in Scotland?

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Jordanhill has, once again, been ranked as the best in Scotland. 45 per cent of pupils achieved 2+ advanced highers, while 85.5 per cent got 5+ highers (A-C).

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What are the best secondary schools in Scotland?

The top 10 highest-performing secondary schools in Scotland have been revealed, with a Glasgow school securing top spot. Jordanhill School in Glasgow came out on top in the Parent Power Sunday Times Schools Guide 2022, with the publication identifying the highest-achieving schools in the UK.

What’s the biggest school in Scotland?

Holyrood Secondary School is a Roman Catholic secondary school in the south-side of Glasgow, Scotland. It is near Crosshill railway station, Hampden Park, A728 and the new M74 motorway. It is the biggest secondary school in Scotland, with over 2,000 pupils and 150 teaching staff. Holyrood was officially opened in 1936.

What is the biggest primary school in Scotland?

1. Kinnaird Primary School, Larbert. Kinnaird Primary School was operating at 142.4% of its capacity during the 2018-2019 school year.

Are Scottish primary schools good?

Scotland’s primary schools have been ranked best to worse for student attainment in a league table of the country’s best performing schools.

What’s the best primary school in Glasgow?

Primary League Table for Glasgow

Rank School Name Sg rating float
1 St Denis’ Primary School, Glasgow 0.95
2 Sacred Heart Primary School, Glasgow 0.925
33 Dunard Primary School, Glasgow 0.925
58 Notre Dame Primary School, Glasgow 0.925

How are schools rated in Scotland?

The top 10 independent secondary schools in Scotland – based on results from 2019

National rank School name HIGHER/ADV HIGHER A/B (%)
1 George Heriot’s School 90.7
2 Hutchesons’ Grammar School 89.2
3 The High School of Glasgow 87.4
4 The Glasgow Academy 86.8
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Where are the best state schools in Scotland?

Jordanhill School in Glasgow has taken the top spot in the rankings for state secondary schools in Scotland. In 2018 and 2019, 85.5% of students from the Glasgow school received at least 5 Highers with grades between an A and a C.

How many state high schools in Scotland?

All 339 Scottish secondary schools ranked from best performing to worst as 2019 league table published.

Is Bearsden Academy a good school?

Bearsden Academy is ranked second in Bearsden based on its performance data and Ofsted rating.

At what age can a child leave school in Scotland?

You can leave school at aged 16 in Scotland. When you leave school you can: go to university.

What are state schools in Scotland?

Primary schools

  • Abbotswell School.
  • Airyhall School.
  • Ashley Road School.
  • Braehead School.
  • Bramble Brae School.
  • Brimmond School.
  • Broomhill School.
  • Charleston School.

How long is school in Scotland?

Children in Scotland complete seven years of primary school, starting in P1 (the equivalent of Reception classes in England), going up to P7 (the equivalent of Year 7 in England). After this, they do six years of secondary school from S1 to S6 (equivalent to Y8 to Y13 in England).