What was the poor in Elizabethan England?

What did the poor do in the Elizabethan era?

With nothing to do in the countryside, many poor drifted to towns and cities to look for work. Also landlords were moving away from growing crops like corn and turning to sheep farming as a growing population required more clothes and good money could be made from farming sheep.

What were the two types of poor in Elizabethan England?

There were two types of poor in Elizabethan England. The idle poor and the deserving poor. The Elizabethan wanted to help the idle poor. A second feature of was the introduction of the Poor Relief Act in 1576.

Why did Elizabethans fear the poor?

The Elizabethan government was very worried about the problem of the poor, as were ordinary people. Disease – there were many outbreaks of plague and other infectious diseases in the 16th century. Many people believed that wandering groups of beggars spread diseases. Crime – beggars often turned to crime.

Who were the settled poor?

Main points of the 1601 Act

The law offered relief to people who were unable to work: mainly those who were “lame, impotent, old, blind”. The able-bodied poor were to be set to work in a house of industry.

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Why was poverty important in Elizabethan England?

The Poor Laws passed during the reign of Elizabeth I played a critical role in the country’s welfare. They signalled an important progression from private charity to welfare state, where the care and supervision of the poor was embodied in law and integral to the management of each town.

How did the Elizabethan poor Law conceptualize the poor?

Elizabethan Poor Law of 1601

The Overseer of the Poor was under the supervision of the Justice of the Peace. It was the job of the Overseer to determine how much money it would take to care for the poor in his or her parish. The Overseer was then to set a poor tax and collect the money from each landowner.

Did Elizabeth improve the lives of the poor?

Away from the luxury of the monarchy in the Elizabethan era, life for ordinary people was often hard and the number of poor people increased during Elizabeth’s reign. Unlike now, there was no welfare system or support for anyone who fell on hard times.