Where in the UK has the highest life expectancy?

What place has highest life expectancy?

Countries ranked by life expectancy

# Country Life Expectancy (both sexes)
1 Hong Kong 85.29
2 Japan 85.03
3 Macao 84.68
4 Switzerland 84.25

Which city in the UK has the lowest life expectancy?

Both men and women in Blackpool have the lowest life expectancy from birth of any local authority in England.

Which province has the highest life expectancy?

Life expectancy in 2019

Rank Province/Territory Life Expectancy in 2010
1. Quebec 81.4
2. Ontario 81.7
2. British Columbia 82.1
Canada 81.2

Why is Scottish life expectancy so low?

In the most recent year it has now dropped below the 2012-2014 figure. COVID-19 deaths accounted for the vast majority of the drop in life expectancy for both males and females. Drug-related deaths also had a negative impact on life expectancy for males.

Which country has the highest life expectancy in Europe?

Spain and Italy had the highest life expectancy among EU countries, with life expectancy reaching over 83 years in 2018. Life expectancy at birth exceeds 80 years in almost two-thirds of EU countries, but still remains at only around 75 years in Bulgaria, Latvia and Romania (Figure 3.1).

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Why do Asians live longer?

Abstract. In an international comparison of recent mortality statistics among G7 countries, Japan had the longest average life expectancy, primarily due to remarkably low mortality rates from ischemic heart disease and cancer (particularly breast and prostate).

What is the life expectancy in Wolverhampton?

Average life expectancy in Wolverhampton is 76.7 years for men and 80.8 years for women – two years below the national averages. Public health duties are transferring from the former Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust from April 1.

How long do British men live?

Across the UK, life expectancy at birth in 2018 to 2020 was estimated to be 79.3 years for males and 83.1 years for females in England, 76.8 years for males and 81.0 years for females in Scotland, 78.3 years for males and 82.1 years for females in Wales, and 78.7 years for males and 82.4 years for females in Northern …

What is the life expectancy in Cornwall?

The current average life expectancy for men in Cornwall is 79.5 years. Healthy life expectancy however, is 62.6 years, meaning that men on average will spend 16.9 years in poor health. For women those figures are 83.5 and 64.6 giving 18.9 years in poor health on average (PHE Segment Tool).

Which province has the lowest life expectancy?

British Columbia and Ontario finish with “A” grades on life expectancy. B.C. places behind only two of Canada’s international peers—Switzerland and Japan. The territories are at the bottom of the rankings, with life expectancy in Nunavut the lowest at 71.8 years.

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How long can a 65 year old male expect to live?

The life expectancy for men aged 65 years in the U.S. has gradually increased since the 1960s. Now men in the United States aged 65 can expect to live 18.2 more years on average. Women aged 65 years can expect to live around 20.8 more years on average.

Why do females live longer?

Biological differences also help to explain women’s higher longevity. Scientists believe that estrogen in women combats conditions such as heart disease by helping reduce circulatory levels of harmful cholesterol. Women are also thought to have stronger immune systems than men.

Is Glasgow depressing?

Scotland’s capital has been named the UK’s most miserable city. Just 16 per cent of residents describe their lives as ‘happy’, favouring the word ‘anxious’ instead.

How dirty is Glasgow?

GLASGOW has been ranked the dirtiest city in Scotland, according to a new survey. Research found a whopping 60 per cent of residents admitted that it can take more than two weeks to change their bed sheets.

Which country in Europe has lowest life expectancy?

10 Countries with the Lowest Life Expectancies in Europe

Rank Country Life Expectancy (years)
1 Moldova 71
2 Russia 71
3 Ukraine 71
4 Belarus 74