Who was the bully in this is England?

Why did Jack O’Connell leave This Is England?

His character Pukey Nicholls didn’t appear in the TV spin-offs This Is England ’86 and This Is England ’88 due to schedule clashes, but the actor said that a grown-up Pukey may still return.

Why did Harvey kick Kelly out?

‘ We spoke about it and I said that Harvey wouldn’t have [Kelly] in the house, he’d kick her out. The heroin was the excuse for kicking her out. Harvey doesn’t like the fact that she was using Gadget. He thought that Gadget was being taken for a prick, and that’s basically what Harvey was trying to say.

What did Combo do to Milky in This Is England?

An angry Combo violently throws Shaun out of his flat after Shaun verbally defends Milky, then slams the door hard. When Banjo attempts to hit Milky as well, Combo violently beats him and evicts him and Meggy from the flat. Horrified at the realisation of what he has done, a remorseful Combo weeps over Milky.

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What happened to Woody in This Is England?

Woody now 26, is now a stay at home Dad for Lisa and his son Jimmy, with Lol. He has grown a beard and let his hair grow, in addition his clothing is baggy and shabby.

How old was Jack O’Connell When filming Skins?

O’Connell was 17 when he was cast in Skins, and during the rehearsal week they went to Glastonbury.

Was Cook in This Is England?

He starred in This Is England as Pukey but did not return for This Is England ’86 because of other acting work.


Year 2009–2010
Film Skins
Role James Cook
Notes Series 3-4 (Main Role)

Does Kelly get raped in This Is England?

Kelly is now a lunch lady at the local school alongside her sister Lol and mother. In the episode ‘Spring’, her friend’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and she joins in on the rave that leads her to taking heroin and getting gang raped.

Did Kelly get raped in This Is England?

As the gang head into the countryside for a summer time rave, the character of Kelly became the main focus after she was horrifically targeted by a group of men. Coaxing her with drugs into their caravan, audiences were left shocked as scenes depicted the men brutally raping Kelly.

Was Combo killed in This Is England?

After turning his life around, Combo met a brutal end in the final episode of this Is England 90, yet Stephen says the show’s creator teased him by hinting the character could return.

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Did Milky get LOL pregnant?

He then subsequently ends the affair after feeling guilty when Woody cries to him after the football fight with Flip and the gang. Not shown in 1987, Lol fell pregnant, and when the baby was discovered to be Milky’s he agreed to leave town for the good of everyone.

Who killed Combo?

Plot summary. Combo is selling drugs on a corner when he notices two rival dealers staring him down; he is then killed by a young boy working for them.

Does milk Survive in This Is England?

Does Milky die? The movie ends with Milky still in the hospital, as far as I can tell. The only reference afterwards is when Thomas is sitting on his bed and his mum says Milky will be alright.

How old is Smell This Is England?

Born in 1967, in 1983 she met Shaun Fields, who had recently joined the group, and began a relationship with him.

What happened to banjo in This Is England?

All was forgotten about and Banjo was a changed man. He was distraught when, at the wedding of Lol and Woody, Meggy collapsed of a heart attack in the toilets. He was taken to hospital and survived, much to Banjo’s relief.

Is This Is England based on a true story?

Though that might be fairly obvious to some, the story is more autobiographical than you’d think and both film and series are based on his experiences growing up in the East Midlands, particularly Uttoxeter and the Sneinton area of Nottingham, where he styled himself out as a skinhead.

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