Your question: Who plays in the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

What instruments do the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain play?

The orchestra consists of ukuleleators playing instruments in various registers: sopranino, soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, and bass. Usually there are eight musicians who each sing, introduce material verbally, and play ukuleles, though sometimes performances take place with seven performers.

What happened to Kitty from the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

Founded the ukes in 1985. Kitty retired from touring with the orchestra in 2015 due to ill health. Sadly she passed away in 2017 leaving a great legacy for the orchestra. For her fans, the CD of songs, written by Kitty and recorded by her band ‘Really’, is available here.

Who is George Hinchliffe?

George Hinchliffe is an actor and composer, known for Skins (2007), Hotel Splendide (2000) and …

How old is George Hinchcliffe?

My father, George Hinchcliffe, who has died aged 89, was a pioneer in railway heritage.

What are ukulele strings made out of?

The strings themselves were originally made of catgut. Modern ukuleles use nylon polymer strings, with many variations in the material, such as fluorocarbon, aluminium (as winding on lower-pitched strings), wound metal strings (similar to wound nylon strings, but with a metal core) and Nylgut.

What is a bass ukulele?

Bass ukulele basics

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Bass ukuleles typically have a hollow body and a soundhole, just like an acoustic bass. The sound is similar to upright bass, whereas solid-body ukuleles are more akin to gentle bass guitars. The tunning of these instruments equals the tunning of an electrical bass guitar (E-A-D-G).

What happened to Kitty Lux?

Kitty Lux (1957–2017). Lux, band member and co-founder with George Hinchliffe, died on 16 July 2017, aged 59, after suffering from various chronic health issues. Lux recovered from a kidney transplant only days before the Proms concert.